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BlackBoxFestival: Small Village

BlackBoxFestival: Small Village

“Where are you from then?”

Cwmdare is a sleepy, Southern Welsh village in the heart of the Rhondda valleys and home to Sheila Bevan. Sheila lives alone, talks to her telly and attends the weekly ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions held by the estate’s ring leader. All is as it should be in Sheila’s world until young, single Mum, Susan moves into number 28 with her little boy. She is English and she is a lesbian. This comedy-drama is set in present day and explores the inexplicable mind set of those who are not exposed to anything or anyone outside of their small village.

About the Author:
Written by Kelly Griffiths in 2014, Small Village has blossomed from a 5 minute sketch into a 20 minute play and, now, a full 1 hour performance. Kelly studied as an actress at Birmingham School of Acting and after graduating in 2010 she has embarked on a number of tours, worked for BBC Radio 4 and has written a number of comedy sketches. She intends on continuing to write plays alongside her acting and publish Small Village by the end of the year.


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