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An ancient epic that inspired mans fascination with telling tales, entertaining over a campfire and captivating the imagination. This, however, is Beowulf as you have never seen him, it is Stand-up-saga, a riotously funny physical and
musical journey.

Beowulf, the hero of the Geats comes to the aid of the King of the Danes in this heroic epic that will live on forever. Two clowns, some instruments, many characters destroying the poetic beauty of the western worlds oldest tale…. and
doing it with style! 

“...a great piece of theatre...A wealth of theatrical and musical talent coupled with a sense of playfulness on the stage makes this performance immensely entertaining.” (FRINGEREVIEW.COM  - ****)

“Make sure you see this production of Beowulf — despite some dazzling other shows at Prague Fringe this year, this is easily one of the best.” (PRAGUE POST)

“This is fast-paced, anarchic, intelligent fun - if you don’t see it, you will have missed Ignite’s biggest treat” (EXETER IGNITE – WILDFIRE)



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