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501 Things I Do In My Bedroom

501 Things I Do In My Bedroom

Meet 24 year old, M. Heartbroken, directionless and baffled by the fact that her calling in life has yet to reveal itself. To the outside world, she is happy, cool, collected; only when safely locked away in her bedroom is she free to express the complicated inner workings of her mind and the longings of her heart.

This fast paced 60-minute comedy, written and performed by Nicola Wren, delves into the bizarre intricacies of a young woman’s private life, and brings to the stage an abundance of cringeworthy, heartbreaking and incredibly funny things that (probably) 99% of girls do when they think no one’s watching.

"Having LOL-ed our way through the show - we can confirm that this twentysomething is severely talented. Funny, poignant and pacy, 501 Things makes a rip-roaring yet reflective hour that we highly recommend." - The Kentishtowner Magazine


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