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Floe-Joes Faces

Floe-Joes Faces

Ben Fairey (C4’s Random Acts) gives you an upgraded dose of his funk-infused, music and character comedy show. Having just received a stream of good reaction (review, free alcohol or otherwise) at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, self-proclaimed, hot-shot music producer Floe- Joe thinks he’s got the world figured out now. Unfortunately, he may still be overestimating his ability to control his excessive multiple personalities. The kind of personalities he tries to keep locked away.  
The kind of personalities that threaten to ruin his music career!  

Luckily for his audience, those personalities plan on breaking out of  his head and having some fun the way Sheryl Crow probably intended. 

The resulting show is a combination of smooth, underscoring, neo-soul vibes with a collection of surreal character comedy, choreography and singing. As previously stated by the Sequence, Floe-Joe will ’funk you right on up!’

“a stramash of techno beats, character comedy and choreography” –  Broadway Baby

“a well synced and well executed piece that showcases Ben’s strong  talent as a physical performer” – Mathieu Karsenti, BBC Composer




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