Etcetera Theatre

Dan Nicholas' Conversation Garden

Dan Nicholas' Conversation Garden

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, *Dan Nicholas *(shortlisted for the 2013 *BBC New Comedy Award*) hosts a chat show like no other, where he interviews you the audience. Joined by his co-hosts *Lewys Holt *and *Jack Britton*, the trio bring to you a show of interviews, challenges, and hilarity with you at the centre of attention (some of the time). Part chat-show, part game-show with a sitcom angle to boot, this is a show about a show going wrong.

Not only this but there will be performance art, some stand up and Jurassic park the musical?! A real variety show, it’s so bloody marketable.

With nothing else like it, why not come along to the conversation garden and have a chat?

’Fruitful Three Stooges-style group dynamic’ -*The Scotsman*


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