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Small Mediums at Large

Small Mediums at Large

Last seen on BBC3′s Live at the Electric and fresh from an acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Twins Macabre is a dark character-comedy duo like no other. Maurice and Ivy Macabre are 10-year-old psychic siblings who have a penchant for finger painting and murder. Having run away from the circus, (which mysteriously burnt down causing their parents to perish…) the pair conjure the souls of the damned through twisted sketches and original comedy songs.

This is a unique character comedy show with a through-line that returns to the sinister playtime of the brother and sister. The audience are taken captive in the Playroom Prison and witness the Twins relive their circus days, channel maleficent spirits, share flashbacks and play demonic party games.

A high-energy, fast-paced 60 minutes of dark comedy intertwined with vaudevillian theatrics, ghoulish music and moments of genuine horror –  this is not for the faint-hearted! This show will kill you… literally…

***** - ‘Hilarious.’

**** -  ‘You laugh even when your skin crawls.’ –The List

**** - ’Darkly-hilarious, nerve-jangling comedy rampage.’ –BroadwayBaby



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