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Folklore Unto Himself

Folklore Unto Himself

Humans have a long history with stories. And it’s the stories that mean the most that last the longest. I don’t mean those with a moral – although fables are always popular – I mean stories that people really care about.

Nowhere is this more evident than when it comes to folktales.

British horror has its roots in folklore. The bleak landscape, the peculiar persistence… Stories passed from mouth-to-mouth, from generation-to-generation… Folktales speak the stories of society’s fears.

Sean Smith is a mind reader, a magician & a hypnotist. He’s been reading about folklore for as long as about magic, so it’s little surprise when these ideas cross over. FOLKLORE UNTO HIMSELF is a collection of Sean’s favourite demonstrations of genuine British folklore.

Liminal spaces: dream halls, fairy rings and grafted trees

Superstitious protection: horseshoes and hagstones

The fetch: England’s doppelgänger

The Green Man: nature personified

& the Black Shuck

Praise for MIND WHAT YOU READ, July 2014:

He has the so-called magic down to a fine art […] but he’s also a wordsmith as much as he is a magician and that’s what elevates [his] act from a typical parlour magic show to something a bit more special.

-      Views from the Gods ****


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