Etcetera Theatre

Scream Queens Anonymous

Scream Queens Anonymous

“As if young girls don’t have enough to contend with: boys… puberty… videotapes that kill you when you watch them…”

On a typically dark and stormy night, six horror movie heroines – Chris, Ann, Ripley, Wendy, Heather and Marion –convene to hold a book group in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Armed with their copies of Madame Bovary, the members of the Book Group for Ladies of Trauma (BGLT) are all ready to forget their previous ordeals and discuss some great literature. Fate, however, has other plans in store, as things take an all-too-rapid turn for the sinister when one of their party is mysteriously murdered and the ladies abruptly find themselves embroiled in a whodunit. Will they manage to band together and uncover the culprit amongst them? Will the radio stop playing a dramatic score at random? Will the lights stay on long enough for the mystery to be solved? And which of the women will survive the night?

Award-winning comedy from Embers Productions, a razor-sharp parody of every horror cliché in the book.




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