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Blanchards Balloons

Blanchards Balloons

Blanchard‘s Balloon follows the unusual and fascinating lives of Sophie and Jean-Pierre Blanchard who pioneered the hot air balloon; watch them as they escape into the crazy world of true balloonacy!

Featuring dodgy Americans, Napoleon and Robbespierre. Blanchard‘s Balloons is a Skopera: Skiffle-Opera. Skiffle not in a homage to Lonnie Donegan, but music made of homemade objects, playing short punchy songs which tell the story and are packed with humour. And opera in the sense of Soap-Opera not Puccini

Open Umbrella Theatre was founded in June 2013. Our mission is simple: we believe that theatre is for everyone. Blanchard‘s Balloon is Open Umbrella‘s 1st touring piece and is supported by Arts Council England and Hull City Arts Unit. Touring from September 2014. Blanchard‘s Balloon is an exciting mix of theatre, comedy, live music and puppetry.

Suitable for 14+

Please note:

Tuesday & Wednesday, the performance starts at 7.30pm.

Thursday & Saturday, the performance starts at 9.30pm.

There is NO performance on Friday


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