Etcetera Theatre



Open Page Theatre presents BOOKENDS’, a collection of four short plays from emerging new writers, directed by Scott Le Crass.

‘Alice Springs’ by Sian Rowland is a contemporary and quirky comedy about the dangers of living your life through social media.

‘Four O’clock’ by Matt Brothers is a vividly-imagined time-travel story. Rob, a nervous teenager about to experience his first date, has an encounter with his future self.

‘A Novel Approach’ by Annie Power is a fresh and fast-paced comedy exploring the role of the storyteller. When a writer lacks the inspiration to finish her novel, her muse and main characters take matters into their own hands.

‘Almost The Birthday Party’ by Paul Kalburgi is a captivating dark comedy. Kenny and Vern are an eccentric couple in their 60’s who get more than they bargained for when they invite complete strangers to join a play reading group in their parlour.


Please note that there are no performances on Mondays

Tuesday to Saturday performances start at 7.30pm and Sunday performances start at 6.30pm


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