Etcetera Theatre

BS: Thoughts Out Loud

BS: Thoughts Out Loud

The sketch show to end all sketch shows! 

Written and Performed by Barry Glennon and Sian Hutchinson

BS: Thoughts Out Loud is the madcap sketch show featuring the bonkers talents of Barry Glennon and Sian Hutchinson as they introduce a wide array of crazy characters in even crazier situations.

Fast-paced (at times), laborious (occasionally), well observed (in some places), far-fetched (in others). BS holds a mirror up to society and finds it all rather amusing…From espionage to sandwich makers, from swingers to parenting skills, from awkward toilet encounters to Austrian yoga instructors, Barry and Sian question and challenge the puzzling juxtapositions of society in a witty and simply hilarious way.

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday’s performance is at 8.30 pm


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