Etcetera Theatre

The 3rd Sector

The 3rd Sector

Pure Theatre Presents

Paolo Chianta’s

The 3rd Sector

DIRECTED BY Lilah Vandenburgh

Presented by Pure Theatre and premiering at Edinburgh Fringe this year, The 3rd Sector takes a hot social topic on which everyone has an opinion and tells an eye-opening tale.

Inspired by real life events, THE 3RD SECTOR, a new play written by Paolo Chianta, takes the audience on a darkly satirical journey through the modern world of corporate charity. 

Marlin thinks that she’s hit the jackpot when she lands her dream job with Transplants for Britain, famous organ donation charity and the brainchild of a celebrity rock star couple turned humanitarians. Star struck and fresh from her gap year, Marlin can’t wait to join the troops and make a difference.

But alarm bells sound when Marlin meets Josh Transplants for Britain’s smooth talking head of Communications, who’s tasked with keeping up the shining front and sweeping any scandals under the rug, including deeds that are seemingly criminal. But as subterfuge and corporate speak runs rampant, the horrifying truth is dawning on both of them. And as Marlin and Josh are pitted against each other ideologically, each is forced to look into their soul and ask if they truly have what it takes to, “give a piece of themselves.



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