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Demetrius Unchained

Demetrius Unchained

The dream is over, and Demetrius is unwell. It’s a year since that midsummer night and he’s feeling queerer by the day. Can Doctor Goodfellow unpick this curious case of chemical bondage before his patient turns completely ’purple with love’? Join him as he lays bare one of Shakespeare’s most enigmatic creations, burrowing through the flesh and into the very chemistry of the brain of ’this spotted and inconstant man’. Darkly absurd drama - putting the ’meat’ into Demetrius! 16+ some nudity

Gulliver Bell - theatrical voyages into the twilight spaces between science fiction and science fact. Previous show reviews: "Bizarre...intriguing...beguiling" (OneStopArts)

"Beautifully human" (The Scotsman)

"Fun, dramatic and moving" (Sci-Fi Bulletin)


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