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The delights of dogs and the problems of people

The delights of dogs and the problems of people

by Rosalind Blessed

Two bitter- sweet, comedy tales exploring the difficulties of ending a
relationship. They ask the big questions like - how do you clean a car full
of dog-sick with just a sad handful of damp serviettes? Or - how mad do you
look to the posh dog owners of Surrey when your four ragtag dogs entangle
themselves in a snarling mess of teeth, fur and leads in one hand as you
frantically juggle decapitated (plastic) heads with the other?
LOTTIE returns to the etcetera looking at the journey of a relationship
through dog ownership.
ANNIVERSARY takes a look at how not to celebrate your big day.

Featuring the music of Lisa Von H and starring Becca Frith, Matthew
Salisbury and Rosalind Blessed.
Directed by Rosalind blessed

Contains swearing.


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