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The Gag Show

The Gag Show

Gaggle, the award-winning and critically acclaimed radical girl group have been working on a secret project for the past year: The Gag Show - a grotesque musical comedy sketch show. 

"The most exciting, innovative and genuinely imaginative force in music right now” NME "Vivacious, visceral, spectacularly indignant wall of sound" 4* The Guardian  “Other musicians should follow their ambitious, creative lead" TIME OUT 

Included in NME’s Top 50 Most Innovative and winners of Gibson’s Best New Act, Gaggle have broken boundaries from indie into classical, opera into immersive theatre and pop up adventures, with sessions on Radio One, 6Music, Resonance & Arte, as well as appearing on Jools Holland, C4’s Random Acts and having one of their debut album tracks (The Mouth of the Cave, Transgressive 2012) played as part of the London 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony. 

The Gag Show is their brand new creation. Irreverent, rebellious, feminist, radical, weird, fun and all with jingles. A mash-up of true and untrue real-life Gaggle experiences and imaginary worlds, where sheep are doomful oracles, drunk women fill the supermarkets, plastic surgery is performed in public, gynaecologists are playground bullies and Daily Mail Online commenters have taken over the BBC.

Devised & Directed by Deborah Coughlin

Produced & Written by Deborah Coughlin, Amy Culwick, Katy Menczer, Angela Platt

Art Direction by Angela Maria Platt

Casting by Amy Culwick

Flyer by Stuart Doig



Yianni Agisilaou

Elizabeth Bloom

Andy King

Jamie-Rose Monk

Kate Mounce

Lheila Oberman

Polly Dorou



Lianne Bell

Jade Coles

Courtney Cooke 

Lucie Evans

Rosanna Gould

Sara Hayward 

Scarlett Lassoff 

Sarah McLean

Jana Pejkovska 

Samantha Penn 

Sarah Thompson 

Holly Rivers

Special thanks to Jay & Caroline from Woodsfilm.


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