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Happy Bones

Happy Bones

Awarded more than 20 times for his innovative work in Theatre and Puppetry Matija Solce - a young puppet, theatre and musical genius from Slovenia – performs in London for the first time. His dark and humorous puppet theatre productions for adults have enjoyed worldwide popular and critical acclaim. The head of the Russian Puppet Association said, “People like Matija are born once every hundred years”.

Bunch of bones, all collected from different parts of the world, small coffin and a stuffed panda. Like a cheerful alchemist the puppeteer makes characters, emotions and entanglements pop out of inanimate matter.  Simple bones, without using a single word, tell their stories about solitude. Who is the puppet and who is the animator? Who is dead and who alive? Object theatre in its most raw form, shows its endless possibilities.

Dadaistic partiture, ironic black comedy, that every second changes perspective of the viewer, surprises and makes you laugh. Until you realise, that you are just a part of bigger game. Game of death. Why do we make taboo out of it, if it is all around us? Daily death is passing by us saying "Hello, what a nice day isn’t it?", but we never respond, we go our way and pretend we didn’t hear anything. This performance is a game of music, sounds, impulses and few words. It is not based on story, but on music, from which the performer builds all other components of the show.

"The symbolism was as gentle as it was charming. In using bones as puppets Matija Solce was restoring flesh to them, and perhaps giving them a glimpse of reincarnation. (...) Manipulated in quite rudimentary ways the bones magically became a giraffe or two kissing fish (...) A panda glove puppet lured us into that simultaneously whimsical and dark zone of wondering exactly who was whose puppeteer." Sydney Morning Herald

"With minimalism and use of different theatre approaches he moves from absurd to surrealism, from fantastique to bizzare everyday things...He focuses audience attention with precision using musical partitura, which in the logic of composition doesn’t leave coincidences"   (jury for the  "Golden Stick" award, Slovenia)






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