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Maybe I should freeze my eggs

Maybe I should freeze my eggs

"Is it just me….Or is panic in the air?.....that lovely familiar DRILLING noise at the back of your head-steadily creeping in, waiting to eat you for breakfast……"

In their debut solo hour, Lucy Bairstow and Jess Murrain aka *Theatre With Legs*, clown their way through many a dark and neurotic episode.

*Maybe I Should Freeze my Eggs *is a deliciously bleak and comic exploration of what it is to stay afloat in the big city, amidst the
backdrop of an ever depleting bank balance.

Drawing on verbatim material and their own experience, Lucy and Jess do battle with the darker elements of their own neurosis and dare ask whether the whole thing is actually quite funny.  A story of two young women coming of age,* Maybe I Should Freeze my Eggs* is a piece that looks for simplicity amongst chaos; a folk song in the city.


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