Etcetera Theatre

Turning To Stone

Turning To Stone

A devised piece based on the myth of Medusa. A beautiful virgin, raped by the god Poseidon inside Athena’s Temple, punished and transforming into a snake-haired Gorgon. Her greatest curse is that everyone she looks upon turns into stone. Exiled underwater, how can she face herself? A solo performance based on poetry by Hesiod, Petrarch and Ovid, Louise Bogan, Ann Stanford, Rita Dove, Carol Ann Duffy, merging movement and music in this journey of fighting against greater powers and against self-destruction, longing to be delivered by another being, preferably human.

Directed/Natalie Katsou , 
Performed/ Stefanie Mavrokordatou, 
Lighting& Artwork/ Yiannis Katsaris, 
Music/ Assaf Noy


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