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Kieran Hodgson - French Exchange

Kieran Hodgson - French Exchange

Character comedian Kieran Hodgson (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Jonathan Creek, Radio 4’s 2525) presents a full preview of his upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show, French Exchange.

Based on his experiences as a tender 15 year old Yorkshirechild exploring the delights of regional France, Hodgson brings to life an exciting array of teachers, students and well meaning French host families in an hour of francophile fun and storytelling. Catch this soon-to-be-Fringe Show before it leaves the capital in a few months!

’Superb ... perfectly observed’ **** (Fest)

’Hilarious ... a tour-de-force’ **** (ThreeWeeks)

’A one-man Little Britain’ (London is Funny)


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