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The Awkward Silence: The Voyage of The Narwhal

The Awkward Silence: The Voyage of The Narwhal

The country is abuzz with rumours of the long-awaited launch of the most decadently expansive and rigorously safety-checked cruise liner of the century: The Narwhal, last word in indulgent buoyancy.

From its top-deck mountaineering wall to its stowaway-class bilge accommodation, via the menagerie and exotic beast brasserie, The Narwhal offers the cruise of a lifetime to end all cruises of lifetimes.

Meet the crew and passengers of this remarkable vessel, courtesy of The Awkward Silence.

Can The Narwhal really be as tragedy-proof  as it is advertised to be? No. No it can’t.

Shortlisted for a BBC Writer’s Prize

"Go see The Awkward Silence or die in regret" - The Pajama Men

**** "An impressive array of characters realised brilliantly" - Oxford Theatre Review


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