Etcetera Theatre

Endpaper Theatre presents ANTHOLOGY

Endpaper Theatre presents ANTHOLOGY

6 new plays, all inspired by literature.

Ranging from direct adaptations to explorations of characters and
relationships, re-imagined in different times or with vastly different
outcomes, our ANTHOLOGY offers something for everyone...different
perspectives on familiar material.

"A vivid and beautiful play. I hadn’t read the original book but this took
me into it at an angle and in a way I wasn’t expecting."

Jack Thorne, Playwright

"The script draws you straight in and holds your attention throughout.

Audience Member

"...fully lived up to Endpaper’s aim to create productions that give
audiences a real theatrical experience and inspire them to read more. The
tantalising glimpses offered here would prompt the least curious of
play-goers to find out more."

Shirley Wootten, Uxbridge Gazette


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