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Pete Heat: Miracles Etc

Pete Heat: Miracles Etc

After a critically acclaimed run at Edinburgh 2013, angular urban wizard Pete Heat’s comedic magical idiocy comes to the Etcetera Theatre. The show sees Pete take on the role of power-crazed dictator, as he attempts to use his mind tricks to brainwash an entire audience into carrying out his mysterious plans. Can we create a perfect utopian society, using mind-control, blackmail and jaw-dropping magic, localised entirely within a tiny theatre? We can bloody well try. Can we crowbar in some crude satirical swipes at the way the world is actually run? Almost definitely. Watch in wonder and/or hysterics as the lanky charmer collaborates with the audience to build a new world from the ground up, as your free will goes out of the window. Irreverent, unusual and delightful, this is an original show combining surreal comedy, captivating magic, nuclear weaponry and downright amazing mind reading, all woven together by a frankly ridiculous story.

“excellent at what he does and also very, very funny… Essentially, the man’s what would happen if David Blaine was possessed by Noel Fielding’s sense of style and humour, with a show that’s exactly as mental and magnificent as that sounds” 

***** FringeGuru

“the Channel 4 generation’s Houdini… The audience is artfully bewitched into an altogether unusual state of goofy awe… should absolutely not be missed”

**** – Fest Magazine

“some seriously impressive magic… an innovative and unusual gem of a show” ***** – Cream of the Fringe

“keeps the audience captivated and confused for the whole time, and that is a skill that everyone should be jealous of” ****  - ThreeWeeks

constant belly laughs throughout… a really fun hour with a delightful performer” – BroadwayBaby 

“a technically and creatively stunning magician… Heighten your expectations” -Morning Star

“genuinely funny… truly show-stopping energy… go check it out” – The List

“Pete scares me… and then there’s his magic” – Rich Fulcher, The Mighty Boosh

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