Etcetera Theatre

Midnight Man

Midnight Man

Presented by Heart Line Productions
Written by Mari Lankots and Nom Alom
Directed by Liz Boxall

Midnight Man is a supernatural crime thriller tied loosely to an old pagan ritual turned urban legend that follows a young man under suspicion of the murder of his 3 friends due to the consequences of their summoning of the Midnight Man. Exploring the after effects of playing with things you don’t understand and how the games don’t always end when the lights go on.

“I still suffer from the tingling in my head and I always think about what he said that day. He will break you down until you change entirely. This is dangerous, whatever it, he, the thing is. I must be stopped.”

Heart Line Productions is an emerging theatre company that aims to produce innovative and provocative theatre that will inspire, increase awareness and tackle topics that are considered taboo.  A company not afraid of taking risks, the current production is by 2 new writers and a new creative team, looking to provide good entertainment and the odd thrill. 

Planning on seeing ’Tweth Night: Remixed!’ 29th & 30th May? Call the box office to book a double bill ticket. Only £15 for both shows. 

BOX OFFICE: 020 7482 4857


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