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James Mullinger - How A Middle Class Feminist Fell in Love With Danny Dyer

James Mullinger - How A Middle Class Feminist Fell in Love With Danny Dyer

’James Mullinger - How A Middle Class Feminist Fell in Love With Danny Dyer(Brand new 2014 stand up show from the critically acclaimed comedian)’

James Mullinger is confused. He is a loving husband, respected journalist,renowned feminist, father of two, spends much of his time doing charitywork and has a degree in Women’s Studies. So why does he secretly wish hewas a ’hard man’ or ’ledge’? Who does he crave the male camaraderie that isshared on the football terraces. Why does he want to be best mates withDanny Dyer? Mullinger hates football but has become obsessed with footballhooliganism. What happened when he stalked Danny Dyer?
This brand new show from the critically-acclaimed comedian opened to ravereviews in February and promises to be Mullinger’s best and most honestshow yet. Come and find out what the comedian that Jimmy Carr described as"a great stand up" and Michael McIntyre branded "the next big thing" has tosay about being a real man.
’Written and performed by James Mullinger. Directed by Harry Grindrod’

This brand new show from one of the hottest comedians in the countrydebuted at the Leicester Comedy Festival where it received this rave review:
’Published in Leicester Mercury on 14th February 2014:’
It isn’t every day a comedian bursts into a cockney accent, gets anaudience to whip out their tattoos whilst screaming "LEGEND!" at everyperson he deems ’hard’.
After his previous tour, aptly named ’The Man with No Shame’, Mullinger hasmoved onto speaking of his biggest passion to date- the hardest man intown, Mr Danny Dyer.
Throughout the night we’d hear the word ’legend’ thrown around like an oldFrisbee, but it was this charming, crude and witty exterior with just ablend of feminist credentials that was working in Mullinger’s favourtonight.
It’s strange - he draws comprehensively on his very troubled childhood,even revealing pages of his drunken diary as a 16-year-old to a howlingaudience - it’s dark. But it definitely packs a punch, and an already rowdycrowd were reeling off his every word in what can only be described as awonderfully hysterical manner.
As the show drew to a close, we see his dream came true as he reveals hegot to STAR in a Danny Dyer movie (and even speak a line in a perfectlydodgy cockney accent); his eccentric, camp excitement gains a flurry oflaughs from the audience. And rightly so.

His innovative content and animated, colourful quality of stand upcertainly makes him one to look out for, and is only confirmed as I watchthe lady in front of me vibrating with laughter, wiping a single gigglytear from her eye.
Bravo, James Mullinger. You certainly have our attention.
’Published in The Skinny, July 2013’:

Being a favourite of Jimmy Carr and Michael McIntyre might crush lesseracts than ’James Mullinger’: the weight of praise hanging over their headslike the sword of Damocles, ready to drop when they fail to live up to thefuss. Or, if you don’t like the stylings of Messrs Carr and McIntyre, thenyou might doubt the validity of their opinions. But you needn’t worry aboutsuch things. You need only go and see James Mullinger perform his own brandof stand-up and begin to believe the hype: with boundless energy and astartling sense of self degradation, Mullinger is fast establishing himselfas one of the best acts in the country.


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