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Conversations with Mary

Conversations with Mary

To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the lonely death in childbirth of 15-year-old Anne Lovett on a hill beside a statue of an unyielding Virgin Mary, this new play follows the life of a pregnant Irish girl, Maire  who goes to London intending to abort her baby, decides to keep it and is haunted by its subsequent loss through stillbirth.  But neither the baby Tom’s death nor her own failures are the end. Instead the event becomes the catalyst for cosmic change. With the number of stillbirths in the UK amongst the highest in the developed world - 3.5 to every 1000 births, this is a story of hope and redemption. 

Conversations with Mary, by award-winning playwright Caroline Bowder has Mary Tynan as Maire, Aurora Adams as The Virgin Mary, Matt Lord as Michael, Tim Styles as Patrick and Guillaume Gougeon as Tom.

Directed by Bill Bowder. 

Tickets £10 and £12 (includes membership fee)

Preview performance price £11 / £9 on Tuesday 15 April.

Please note that Sundays perofmance is at 6.30pm


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