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The Best of Short Cuts

The Best of Short Cuts


Part of the WIT (WOMEN IN THEATRE) FESTIVAL 3rd to 8th of March
***** FEMALE ARTS - "Absolutely hilarious plays"
**** Theatre Junkie - "Highly recommended!"
After 18 months, five star reviews, 5 festivals, 14 amazing directors, 36 fantastic actors and 18 brill plays...we thought it would be time for The Best of Short Cuts! 

We cordially invite you to join us for a night of twisted comedy fun, as we present two of the most popular Short Cuts one act plays! All dark, all comic and all downright weird.

Another Girl by Eliza Power, directed by Lisa Torres Douglas
Joanna is blissfully in love with Bryan...until the night she tries to kill him. Bewildered, Bryan has to make an important phone call - his only chance to fix things, and her, before it’s too late. 

A is for Arsenic by Lexy Howe, directed by Janice De Broithe
Love - it’s written in the tea leaves. Or is it? One thing’s for sure, there’s definitely something in the water...

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