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The Weetabix Cure for Lonely Hearts - Work in Progress

The Weetabix Cure for Lonely Hearts - Work in Progress

Part of the WIT (WOMEN IN THEATRE) FESTIVAL 3rd to 8th of March


presented by Cuckoo & Co Theatre


Is love a form of homesickness? 

Is weetabix a cure for lovesickness?


A psychoanalyst announces a cure for hysterical women based on his 

case-study: ‘Matilda M and the power of  weetabix’. But, Matilda M’s story is 

claimed by two people: the Professor 

and Greta, his real patient. An absurd comedy of one life told by two conflicting voices.


- - - 


Cuckoo & Co Theatre invite you to a work-in-progress showing of new 

material they are developing, followed by a post-show feedback/Q&A

session with the company.


The company take audience feedback on board as part of their creative 

process, which is rooted in collaboration to create new work. This

collaboration can take the form of games in the rehearsal room, 

brainstorms between writers and director, and between the play and 

audience itself. Come along and share what you make of it!


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