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Socialist Fairytales!

Socialist Fairytales!

Socialism was invented in 1848. Lovely stories about wizards and princesses
were invented in Olden Times. The evil forces of capitalism have conspired
to keep them apart ... UNTIL NOW!

The much-anticipated London run of this nakedly left-wing, magic-filled,
dangerously exciting Five Star Edinburgh Fringe Smash-Hit show is finally
here! Updated for 2014, and now with ACTUAL props, this epic piece of lefty
storytelling awesomeness from the exciting mind of Will Seaward will wrest
the Fairytale from the icy claws of the Free Market once and for all! Hammers!
Sickles! Goblins! Witches! Che Guevara! What could possibly be better?

Because what on earth is wrong with wanting world equality and also
enjoying castles?

Described by critics as "a cross between Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and the
BFG", "a cross between Oscar Wilde and Charles II", "a dandy Hagrid", "a
tweed-clad madman" and "a monster of a man", Will Seaward was the North of
England winner of the Amused Moose 2012, a finalist for the Golden Jester
Award 2012, and was nominated for the 2011 Off West End Award for Best Male
Performance. Will is also the creator of ’Bouncy Castle Hamlet’
("triumphant success" Guardian, "genius" Metro), has worked extensively
with the Cambridge Footlights, has been employed by as a mad
scientist, and is currently moonlighting as a spoof paranormal
investigator. ’Will Seaward: Socialist Fairytales!’ debuted at the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013. This is its first official London run.

"magical...not only tore the roof off the place, but melted everyone’s
hearts. Incredibly funny and moving." *Chris Coltrane, SuchSmallPortions*

"some of the funniest and most original satire at the Fringe...surrealist
humour, infinitely inventive characters, horrendous puns and a great deal
of charisma...utterly absurd and belly-achingly funny" *Three Weeks*

"it’s impossible not to love him...boundless imagination...Izzard wishes
his comedy was this off the wall. Charlie Parker wishes his jazz was this
free-form...Seaward is a master of the spoken word." *FringeReview *

"Don’t let the S word put you off. These rollicking fantasies, written and
performed by a young, latter-day Brian Blessed, are original and decidedly
amusing" *The Telegraph*

"Full Marx...a joyous journey...Seaward’s hypnotically off-kilter narrative
keeps you constantly grinning and guessing where you’ll end up
next...superbly bizarre and wonderful" *BroadwayBaby*


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