Etcetera Theatre

Good Girls / Saying Yes

Good Girls / Saying Yes

Spearshaker Theatre present an evening of new writing, showcasing two one act plays by writers Perdita Stott and Lisa Cagnacci.

’Good Girls’ by Perdita Stott, directed by Alexandra Agnew. Three women tell their stories. They have never met but their lives are linked over the years as they consider what it means to feel safe, to feel fear and what makes a person strong. Their gender stereotypes arechallenged as they face vulnerability and what it means to be - and who can be - a victim.

’Saying Yes’ by Lisa Cagnacci, directed by Kate Murphy Lauren and Ellie have been happily dating for 6 years. However, when Lauren unexpectedly decides to propose to Ellie their whole relationship is thrown into jeopardy! A light-hearted drama about what commitment really means and how sure we have to be before taking ’the plunge’ into marriage.


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