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Harder Please

Harder Please

Lottie Dixon-Cox lets us in on a secret - life gets easier when you make
it harder for yourself:  ’You need to open yourself up to the possibility that the worst solution may be the best
solution… If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the effort and expense of keeping yourself off the
streets, then maybe you should skip the torturous pretense of scrimping and saving and barely getting by and just hit the streets leaving every material thing behind. You don’t need any thing really- only a wide, willing smile and an open mind. Hell, you might even like yourself better in the gutter.’ She shares her hard-earned lesson in life with us in the hope of making us more resilient and adaptive in the face of extraordinarily grim times. She might even try to recruit you as a member of a very exclusive club.

 "a provocative, silly and slightly smutty hour with more innuendo than you can shake a ridicule rod at – keep an eye on Aimee Levey" ’A Younger Theatre

"there is something almost guiltily enjoyable about the way actor Aimee Levey is determined to equate the most humiliating of submissive and masochistic sexual practices with the way the super-rich treat the 99 per cent." The Scotsman

"If subversive satire or gratuitous David Cameron based sex fantasies are your thing, this may well appeal. Just don’t tell anyone your preference." Three Weeks


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