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Overlooked - Work in Progress

Overlooked - Work in Progress

Catch the completely new character-based solo show from 3-time Edinburgh Fringe performer and award-winner Lizzy Mace, before it tours the Fringes of the world in 2014! This is the first and only chance to see a work-in-progress version of the show before it premieres at Adelaide Fringe, Australia, in March.

Presenting a series of endearingly awkward characters, Overlooked weaves interlinking narratives into an uplifting and inspiring hour. Expect fun. Expect silliness. Expect heart.

Lizzy’s previous shows, including the perennially popular Rom Com Con written and performed with Juliette Burton, have received 4- and 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Argus Angel Award for Excellence at Brighton Fringe 2012.

[NOTE TO SELF: *Finish writing after yoga. *Remember to close the door so the cat can’t get in.]
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Please note that the Sunday peformance is at 8.30pm


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