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Belfast Boy

Belfast Boy

Following on from the success of Dirty Flirty Thirty (4 star reviews) and Skintown, which placed on the long list for the Bruntwood Royal Exchange awards, Purple Penguin Productions are proud to present the premiere of Belfast Boy. Written and directed by Kat Woods Belfast Boy is based on the true events of Martin Hall’s life.

 Martin’s G.P refers him to a Psychologist as he is having trouble sleeping.  We discover how Martin and his family have to flee Belfast in the 70’s and set off for a safe house in England. Here his brothers fall in and out with the law breaking his mothers heart with each dalliance. Martin an aspiring and gifted Dancer receives a scholarship to a dance academy, we see how he deals with his sexuality, the party scene in 90’s London and the tragedy that comes with being the youngest of eleven. All in the space of his Hours visit.

 AS PART OF THE PNPA (pay nothing, play anything) 2014 FESTIVAL 


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