Etcetera Theatre

Princess Therapy

Princess Therapy

Who said we had to live happily ever after?”

“You know...I don’t know”

Inspired by the original Brothers Grimm fairytales, meet our 3 princesses and discover what we imagine happened after the last page! Trapped in jail and awaiting their sentence, our 3 heroines are killing time. How did they end up there? Would they do it again if they had the chance? Can the Princess Therapy designed to help them lead them to their ’breakthrough’? A Slice of Gut Theatre is excited to present their first piece of new writing: expect (dark) humour, a hearty dose of psychosis and princess gowns.

AS PART OF THE PNPA (pay nothing, play anything ) 2014 FESTIVAL 

Sunday’s performance starts an hour earlier and is listed separately on the website.


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