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’Guards’ is a brand-new play opening in the Etcetera Theatre for a workshop run, limited time only.

An intimate play full of dark humour and unexpected turns.

Peter and John are night-time security guards. To entertain each other during their lonely hours in an empty building, they start making up stories about the abandoned objects they find - a lady’s shoe, a pair of tights, a family photo...
Between music quizzes and endless conversations, Peter and John have built up a friendship in a kingdom of strange games and dark corridors.

One day however, a new security guard arrives, and threatens to break the fragile balance that these two oddballs have set up in their lives... 

’Guards’ was written by playwright Anthony Teague, who wrote ’Hello Pizza’ (Soho Theatre).

Directed by Jennifer Bakst, whose work includes ’Armstrong’s War’ (Finborough Theatre), ’Bash’ (Etcetera Theatre) and ’Letters, Signs and Songs’ (Shakespeare’s Globe).

AS PART OF THE PNPA (pay nothing, play anything) 2014 FESTIVAL


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