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Operation Love Story

Operation Love Story

’This is my story, so I guess you would like to know a little bit more about me. I work in the big city in a tall, grey office building...All the people I work with call me Jessica. Which isn’t actually my name.’

 In the middle of an anonymous city, from the seventh floor of her falling down apartment block, a woman alone plots the greatest love story of all time for two of her neighbours. If only the unsuspecting lovers would play along… Through a series of increasingly ridiculous, but endearingly hopeful events she contrives to bring them together. 

 Operation: Love Story is an anti-romantic comedy.  With the heart of ‘Amelie’ and the sharp wit and absurd humor of ‘Intolerable Cruelty’, this is a hilarious, poignant and imaginative show. A satirical look at the dreams and expectations Hollywood sells us, and the consumption of romance in modern popular culture. 

AS PART OF THE PNPA (pay nothing, play anything ) 2014 FESTIVAL 


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