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The Gentlemen of Horror

The Gentlemen of Horror

When they first worked together in “The Curse of Frankenstein” and “Dracula”, Peter Cushing was one of the most famous actors in Britain, while Christopher Lee was unknown. For the next quarter of a century, these two killed each other again and again and became firm friends. As Christopher Lee became internationally famous, Peter Cushing gradually retired into a life of quiet obscurity. And yet neither quite lost their taste for blood…

“The Gentlemen of Horror” takes you backstage on Cushing and Lee’s relationship, into the dressing rooms of the films they made together.

“a properly terrific little play” Metro

**** Views from the Gods “as no-nonsense, charming and fun as the infamous studios’ films”

**** Grumpy Gay Critic “a charming tale of fame and friendship”

9/10 UK Horror Scene “the audience are left yearning for more”


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