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SEQUINS ON MY BALCONY: Breasts, Belly Dance and Beating the Odds

SEQUINS ON MY BALCONY: Breasts, Belly Dance and Beating the Odds

Performed by Yvette Cowles and directed by Peta Lily, Sequins on My Balcony is a new one woman show that offers a fresh perspective on breast cancer, body image, belly dance and sisterhood through a blend of stand-up, dance, drama, clowning and lots and lots of sequins! 
For 20 years Yvette enjoyed a successful career as a marketing director, stamping her size 5 Manolos upon the world of publishing. A series of life-changing events led her to ditch corporate life and follow her heart. In the process she lost her expense account and designer clothes, but regained her wicked sense of humour and zest for life – and acquired a nice line in wigs along the way.
Join Yvette on her funny, touching and sometimes surreal journey, beginning in France with her first sheepish shimmies, through medical mishaps, her mother’s misgivings and breast-free dating disasters to a life now spent pursuing her passion. The show celebrates the gorgeousness of women, whatever their age, shape or size, and
asks “can a woman with no breasts still believe in herself enough to continue to belly dance”? 
In support of Cancerkin, a place for people affected by breast cancer.
More uplifting than a Wonderbra! - Wonderfully entertaining, glamorous and hilarious - Moving and fabulously funny - Life affirming - I loved it! - Delicious and delirious! - I came out with a big smile on my face - Haven’t laughed so much in ages. Ladies – and gents – you must try this! - Pure magic! - Made me proud to be a woman! - Thank you for one of the best nights out I’ve ever had!

AS PART OF THE PNPA (pay nothing, play anything ) 2014 FESTIVAL 


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