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Tadzio Speaks

Tadzio Speaks

In Thomas Mann’s novella, later filmed by Luchino Visconti, we see von Aschenbach’s disintegration as the older man becomes increasingly obsessed by the beautiful youth Tadzio.

What went through the boy’s mind when he realised what was happening? 

Did he welcome or fear the writer’s gaze? What impact did their intense, yet silent relationship have on him? 

Decades later Tadzio looks back at that fateful summer in Venice.

Martin Foreman "writes . . . with a great elegance, his words always deeply poetic" (View from the Gods, reviewing Tadzio Speaks . . . ).

"Foreman’s writing sparkles at times and is shot through with wry humour and an air of melancholy." (West End Wilma on Martin’s Californian Lives).


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