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Night, A Wall, Two Men

Night, A Wall, Two Men

Night, A Wall, Two Men

By Daniel Keene

Two nameless, homeless men live on the streets with only each other as companion. Hand-outs barely keep them going day to day.  The men meet, as is their habit, but the wall where they meet isn’t the only wall they face.  As they bicker and reminisce they reveal very different attitudes to their harsh reality.

Daniel Keene’s play is bleakly funny, and lit by the surprising dignity and humanity of life on the edge of survival. Sometimes uncomfortable but always truthful, it’s very much a play for right now, right here.

Dónal Cox and John Eastman play the two men in this first London run of Night, A Wall, Two Men.  The play attracted a 4 star review at Brighton Fringe in 2009 with the same cast in place.

‘Daniel Keene is a dangerous playwright… he works right on the moral edge’   Sydney Morning Herald

Running time 60 mins

Suitable for ages 16+

Please note that the Sunday shows are at 8.30pm and listed separately on the website.

There is no show Monday 25 November.

Direct Box Office line is 020 7482 4857.


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