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What Monsters Do

What Monsters Do

In an hour of dark entertainment, two stories from the 5* book, What Monsters Do, are brought to the stage by Nicholas Vince and Hidden Basement productions. Following their sell out production of ‘The Puppetry of Flesh at last year’s festival, Hidden Basement have teamed with Nicholas—known for playing the Chatterer in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. said of book WHAT MONSTERS DO:

 "... a range of stories which will delight, disgust and terrify. An erudite, charming and brutal examination of relationships, obsession and ghastliness,..."


The stories dramatised from the collection which reflect these themes are:

 ’TUNES FROM THE MUSIC HALL’ - A ghost is delighted when a family moves into his home, but dismayed when the husband starts an affair. A Victorian story about the love which dare not speak its name.

 ’GREEN EYES’ - On a snowy day, Justinian and Sally prepare for the arrival of a visitor. A dark story about the return of a long lost son.


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