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Monsters in The Mist

Monsters in The Mist

Brought to you by Greedy Pixie Productions, Monsters in the Mist tells the tale of Ethan and Nettie, the sole residents of Atrapado Bay, who find themselves prisoners in their own shack as the dreaded cabra, a beast half man half goat, and the woeful siren roam the rocks outside. When they awake to the protecting moans of the orca, Ethan and Nettie rejoice in their new found freedom and waste no time in venturing out to the grove where the pulparoots grow, who’s juice provides their sole guaranteed defence against the cabra’s horns. Upon finding the grove ravaged by imps, Nettie steals into the night to hunt the cabra down only to find herself fatally wounded, forcing Ethan to travel outside of the orcas’ range to retrieve the pulparoot at Thorhorne Nook - a journey that will change his and Nettie’s life forever. With Ethan twisted by the siren’s song, and the orcas’ unexpected departure, Nettie finds her life unravelling as dark secrets are revealed and their story comes to a deadly end. 

’WARNING: This show is not suitable for those suffering from heart conditions’


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