Etcetera Theatre

Billy the Kid - His Life in Music

Billy the Kid - His Life in Music

Presented by Chevron Malaise & Acapulco Beans
as played by Chris Johnston and Rex Horan (of the Neil Cowley Trio)
Chev and Al claim to have ridden with Billy the Kid.  They remember it all; the escapes, the songs, the camaraderie – and the gunfights.  After watching too many inaccurate films about Billy, Chev and Al have come out of retirement to tell the true story.  An evening of reminiscence – with added death.  

‘A mash-up of vaudevillian comedy double act, fantastic music and song narrative - a sublimely hilarious event’ Ian Wilkie
‘Some of it was really funny. Some of it was a complete mess. I’m honestly not sure if it was unrehearsed or designed to appear that way. Did I laugh throughout? Yes’ – Fringe Guru

Please note that the show on the 4th of November is a benefit for the Irene Taylor Trust (Music in Prisons)


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