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The London Showcase: The Cat's Pyjamas

The London Showcase: The Cat's Pyjamas

The year is 1925 and down in a dimly lit, privately owned club "The Cat’s
Pyjamas" a growing number of patrons are drinking their woes away. The
cocktails are flowing, the dancers are twirling and the singers are belting
but one can’t help but feel a subtle undertone of a darker emotion; HATE?
LOVE? ENVEY? GUILT? As the night progresses more and more exciting stories
are exposed...

The London Showcase’s debut production is an exciting mix of song, dance
and narrative. All the characters have their story to tell, each neatly
interlocking with the next in a seamless knit of romantic slang and
contemporary wit. Each character is an individual entity within this rather
unexpectedly dark exploration of the male and female relationships.

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