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Pete Heat: Miracles Etc (A Work In Progress)

Pete Heat: Miracles Etc (A Work In Progress)

Comedy, magic and casual miracles from angular urban wizard Pete Heat. 

Pete’s new show sees him take on the role of power-crazed dictator, as he
attempts to brainwash an entire audience into carrying out his mysterious
plans. Can we create a perfect utopian society, using mind-control,
blackmail and jaw-dropping magic, localised entirely within a tiny turret?
We can bloody well try. Can we crowbar in some crude satirical swipes at
the way the world is actually run? Almost definitely. Watch in wonder
and/or hysterics as the lanky charmer collaborates with the audience to
build a new world from the ground up, as your free will goes out of the
window. Irreverent, unusual and delightful, this is a brand new show
combining surreal comedy, captivating magic, nuclear weaponry and downright
amazing mind reading, all woven together by a frankly ridiculous story.


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