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Steve Elliot as OOROG - ‘ONE MAN BOND’ in Never Ever Say Never…Ever!

Steve Elliot as OOROG - ‘ONE MAN BOND’ in Never Ever Say Never…Ever!

(A tribute to the James Bond phenomenon) 

The cold war is long over and smooth, suave, sophisticated secret agent Double-0-Rodge is languishing in retirement, pining for the glory days of fast cars, bikini clad girls and cracking one-liners.

But Wait! What’s this? As luck would have it a power crazed madman wants to take over the world and there’s only one man who can stop him!

Daniel Craig? No, this is a throwback to the early days of Bond so bring back Double-0-Rodge!

 But can he do it? Can an out of work actor with nothing but some fancy props, a couple of classy puppets and a slide projector really save the world from total destruction?

Never Ever Say Never…Ever!

With gadgets, glamorous locations, ski chases and a ‘little’ help from the audience, don’t miss the chance to see the spectacle of an entire Bond film stunningly recreated live on stage. 

It’s an action packed, hilarious, ‘One Man Bond’ adventure. 

‘This spooferama is very funny indeed…the acting is spot on…Steve Elliot as OORog is… stunning.’ THE LIST (Edinburgh’s Time Out Guide)


 ’This show contains scenes of a sexual nature and strong language.
Please do not come if easily offended.’ 


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