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Up in the Wardrobe

Up in the Wardrobe

The wardrobe is a place of transformation & London the city of reinvention. Set in 1977 Soho, Up In The Wardrobe takes us backstage at the Duchess Theatre with Silver Jubilee celebrations in progress. Things are running seamlessly for Mina the steely wardrobe mistress & her Rhodesian assistant Mo until eyebrows are raised by the arrival of Cal the show-stopping dancer from Texas followed by the new dresser Eleanor bringing tales from divided Berlin.

‘Up In The Wardrobe’ is as comical as it is political, reflecting the mores of the late ’70s. Tackling love, loss, loyalty, prejudice & liberation this is an observation of 4 people pushing the boundaries of social acceptance, where life on the stage is nothing compared to the theatrics of life. Come into the wardrobe you never know who you’ll meet! 


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