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Laundrette Superstar

Laundrette Superstar

Part of the WIT (WOMEN IN THEATRE) FESTIVAL 3rd to 8th of March

 ‘Fortuna’, self-proclaimed synthpop superstar and part-time laundrette assistantlives in her Grandma’s basement (it’s just temporary yeah?!) Fortuna is convinced that she’s on the cusp of big things… if you can call “big things” performing live in a gift shop, mortuary and poorly lit car park.

Partly developed under the guidance of Bryony Kimmings and Battersea Arts Centre,  Laundrette Superstar combines stand-up, live synth pop and film to create a brand new theatrical extravaganza!

Praise for Laundrette Superstar :

Burke has the audience in her palms right from the get go as Fortuna, the wannabe star, with her innocent love of Tom Cruise and the pride of her synth-pop award (very prestigious you know...). 
Broadway Baby ****

"On the odd glorious occasion a comedienne does indeed come along who not only holds her own against the male comedy giants we all know and love but, proudly, surpasses them in "laugh out loud", comedy value. On this occasion, I’m excited to say I am, very much, talking about Fortuna Burke: Laundrette Superstar.
Female Arts  **** 

Fortuna Burke is a whirlwind of enthusiasm, energy and colour (“I look like Kylie on charlie!”) in this fun, yet bizarre, production which contains moments of comic genius and some brilliant one-liners 
The Gay UK ****

It’s Burke’s comic delivery which makes the character charismatic and endearing...
Views From The Gods   ****

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