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Max and Ivan: The Reunion

Max and Ivan: The Reunion

Max and Ivan + Dan Cook

Max and Ivan and Dan Cook are previewing some Edinburgh gold. GET INVOLVED:

Max and Ivan: The Reunion

Class of 2003, assemble! In the decade since they left college, there have
been births, deaths and gender reassignments (and that
was just Chris Archer. RIP). Now they’re all back in the same room. What
could possibly go wrong? Fresh from a smash hit Barry-nominated run at the
Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Foster’s Award-winners Max and
Ivan (Radio 4, BBC3) spin a bewitching narrative sketch comedy tale of
love, loss and shatterproof rulers.

Directed by Tom Parry (Pappy’s). Total sell-out show, 2011/2012.

‘Hugely ambitious and impressive’ (*Guardian*).
‘Undeniably superstars of tomorrow. It feels like watching early Walliams
and Lucas or Enfield and Whitehouse’ (*GQ*).
‘Nothing can stop their sketch comedy quest for greatness’ **** (*British
Theatre Guide*).

Dan Cook: Community Service

I’ve done a crime (soz), now I’ve got to do the time, and by time, I mean
this show. Things featured in it are: sketches, songs and Sandra (my
community support officer). #YOLO. #SWAG. Praise for Delete the Banjax:
’Consistently excellent’ (*Guardian*). ’Daft, deft and hugely inventive’ (*
Independent*). **** (*Time Out*). **** (


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