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Nick Hodder - Insert Comedy Here

Nick Hodder - Insert Comedy Here

Most people put months, if not years of hard work into creating a festival
show, tirelessly writing hours and hours of material, working late into the
night while their relationships crumble into dust. After years of toil,
heartache and depression, they’ll finally have a show, a lovingly honed
hour they are proud to call their own. That sounded really hard to Nick
Hodder. So he bought his show off the internet. It’s going to be brilliant.
(That’s what it says on the box anyway).

About Nick:
Nick Hodder is a stand-up and comedy writer who won 2006 BBC new talent
competition Funny Hunt and whose comedy short Gloves won a BBC Big Screen
Award. He has performed at the Edinburgh, Brighton and Camden Fringe and
Leicester Comedy Festival, and is previewing Insert Comedy Here at the
Etcetera Theatre.

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