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Bec and Toms Awesome Laundry

Bec and Toms Awesome Laundry

Oh pants! It’s laundry day! But Bec and Tom have other ideas.

Join the puerile pair in a world of silliness, make-believe and bad celebrity impersonations. A sketch show for cool kids by childish adults.

WARNING: Ideas may contain awesomeness.

Bec Hill is an Australian comedian who has gained worldwide attention with her YouTube and Twitter presence, as well as her acclaimed solo Festival shows. Having performed for kids as a stand-up and once as a human-sized piece of snot, she decided it would be fun to do a whole show with her friend, Tom. ThreeWeeks describes her as ‘side-splittingly funny’ and ‘definitely a name to remember with a smile.’ Tom describes her as “an idiot” and “definitely a name to remember by her smell.”

Tom Goodliffe is a comedian, writer, presenter and big friendly nerd. He’s hosted an F1 quiz show at the Italian Grand Prix, supported The Boy With Tape on his Face on tour, and has written and performed two successful solo stand-up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. He also regularly entertains grown-ups in comedy clubs across the UK who have had too much “juice”. The Scotsman says he has ‘clever gags and bumbling charm.’ Bec says he puts the “bum” into “bumbling charm”.


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